Why Install a New Car Stereo?

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It is fun to play music while driving. Wherever you go, you can play your favorite music with just a couple of clicks. For some of us, the car stereo is all that makes driving bearable.

There are many professional installers that can help install a new stereo. In San Diego, JC Power Audio is the most trusted car stereo installer around. 

If you’re deciding whether to install a new one, here are a few reasons in favor of a new car stereo.

Car Stereo: An Unheard History

In Massachusetts and St. Louis, legislation prohibiting the use of radios while driving was proposed in 1930. As automotive historian Michael Lamm recounted, “Opponents of car radios argued that they distracted drivers and caused accidents, that tuning them took a driver’s attention away from the road, and that music could lull a driver to sleep.

Surprising, isn’t it? It’s hard to believe that car stereos once got the same treatment that texting and driving deservedly receives today!

Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing a New Car Stereo

Any automotive audio system is incomplete without a stereo, of course. Different people call it different things, like a radio, a receiver, or a head unit. To avoid confusion, it is extremely helpful to think of it as having three pieces: amplifier, preamp, and source.

An amplifier is an electronic device used to increase the loudness of electrical impulses, generating a stronger version of the audio signal. 

On the other hand, a preamplifier, often known as a preamp, is an electronic amplifier that transforms a weak electrical input into an output signal that is noise-tolerant and powerful enough to be sent to a power amplifier and loudspeaker for additional processing. The final signal would be distorted if this wasn’t done. 

In simpler terms, the main purpose of preamps is to elevate a mic-level signal to a line-level signal.

Finally, the source is the portion of the system that allows us to select what we wish to hear. For newbies, a source can be depict as the AM/FM tuner, a USB input, a CD or DVD player, and the like.

But, why upgrade a car stereo anyway? Here are a few reasons:

  • Modern receivers offer advanced technology that gives your car stereo a huge boost. Upgrades in recent stereos include better display and interface options, integrations with other devices, better FM reception, and more.

Simply put, upgrading it upgrades your experience!

  • Obvious, but so, so true. Upgrading your car stereo will optimize the sound quality of your music.  
  • Security features! You may have not heard, but many aftermarket car stereos have onboard security features. While car stereo theft isn’t as common as it once was, it still happens. Besides, maybe better security is the reason theft is down!

Ultimately, the best question to ask yourself about before upgrading your car stereo is: Which type of it is the best? Of course the answer varies depending on your needs, but you can always ask the experts at JC Power Audio what works best for your needs and budget!

The Car Stereo Experts

JC Power Audio is the most reliable car stereo installer in San Diego. We make certain that we only use the best products and cutting-edge technology for our clients. Contact us today! For more details, call us at (619) 582-4855 or visit our website. https://www.jcpoweraudio.com/

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