Where to Find the Best Vehicle Security Systems in San Diego and Its Most Common Types

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There are over 8,000 cases of vehicles theft in San Diego, CA, every year. Even though that number represents a decline, it is still concerning. That being said, it is great to know that this trend continues to go down. This is thanks to the increased efforts of law enforcement within the state, and of course, the enhanced technology dedicated to vehicle security systems. Year in and year out, a new and more intricate vehicle security system is developed in an effort to reduce such numbers even more. To better understand how such systems function and its importance, we will be discussing the most common types and, at the very end, show you where you can get the best in San Diego, CA.

The Importance of Vehicle Security Systems

Not only is your car your means to move around, but it can also be one of your most expensive and valuable possessions. One could imagine how much hard work and sacrifice it took to get your very own vehicle. However, the sad news is, you could lose such an asset in just a blink of an eye. As much as we hate to admit it, car theft has always been a significant issue within the United States.

Integrating an excellent vehicle security system may be the only option today to ensure the safety of your car. Several companies are now offering different types of car alarms and security frameworks, while some are even offering highly-modern and high profile systems just for you. With that said, the only way to find the best option for you is to equip yourself with the proper knowledge regarding the different types of vehicle security systems available on the market today.

The Different Types Of Vehicle Security Systems

There are several ways you can classify a car’s security system. There are those which actively stop thieves from breaking into your car and those that prohibit them control over your car. Let’s look at the different types of security systems available:

Passive and active car alarm systems

Vehicle alarms are indeed the most common form of car security systems. An active or passive alarm system is classified depending on how it is triggered. The active alarm system is more common among the two mentioned. A great example of it is the usual scenario where you see someone get out of their car and then point their key fobs towards his or her vehicle, and then it made a beep after pushing some buttons. Passive alarms, on the other hand, are a bit different. Unlike its active counterpart, this alarm system automatically turns on when you turn off your engine and take the keys from the ignition.

Silent and loud car alarms

It is now common to hear a siren upon accidental contact with another person’s car, this is an example of the loud car alarm. A loud noise is intended to go off whenever someone touches or tries to break into your vehicle. Meanwhile, silent alarms do their work – silently. In the instance someone tries to break into a car with a silent car alarm, it will send signals via an electronic device possessed by the vehicle’s owner.

Tracking systems

The GPS tracking system is arguably the most advanced form of vehicle security system today. It uses radio tracking to find and recover vehicles that are stolen. Such technology has the advantage of tracking cars, even in places where GPS does not work well. 

Immobilizing devices

These are the type of security systems that work even after the thief has successfully broken into your car. This is where the immobilizing devices play a large part as it actively prevents the vehicle from starting. Immobilizing devices can also be easily integrated with other forms of vehicle security systems.

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