What to Look For When Choosing a Stereo at the Best Car Stereo Store Near San Diego State University

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Driving a vehicle of your own to get from one place to another is convenient. However, there are times when a long drive time becomes tedious. So, if you want to ease your boredom and jazz up your ride, especially during traffic hours, having a good car stereo installed is a must.

A high-quality stereo can be costly. However, there is a car stereo store near San Diego State University that offers premium quality car audio installation and discounts for students.

Components of a Car Stereo

A car stereo is not solely for music. It serves as the centerpiece of every car audio system. However, to know if the stereo you purchased is a quality one, it is helpful to understand its different components as well as their functions.

The first part of the car audio is the source. This part lets you choose what you want to hear and from where you want to listen to it. The sources may include an AM and FM tuner, CD or DVD player, satellite radio, Bluetooth, or USB input.

Another component of a car audio system is the preamp. All the adjustments are made in this stereo section. It includes controls like the volume, balance, fader, source selection, and equalizers to name some.

The third and last section of a car stereo is the amplifier. It boosts the low voltage audio signal coming from the preamp into a high voltage sound that comes out of the speaker.

When choosing your aftermarket car stereo, you also need to determine what type of radio you want to have installed. There are two types of car stereos—the single and the double DIN. Deciding which one you should choose depends on your vehicle’s dashboard head unit enclosure. If your car has a single DIN enclosure, it will occupy less space than a double DIN car stereo.

On the other hand, double DIN car stereos measure roughly 7 x 4 inches and feature large colorful touch screen displays. If your vehicle came with a double DIN unit, you can choose whether you will replace it with a single DIN stereo or let it stay as it is.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Car Stereo

Before having your vehicle installed with an aftermarket audio system, some things must be taken into consideration. Having a little knowledge about the audio system variations will help you identify whether you are choosing the most compatible stereo for your car or not. The first consideration is whether you will opt for components or full-range speakers. 

Here are some other important things to consider when choosing a stereo:

The cost

The first thing to consider when buying car audio is how much you are willing to spend on it. It is a good idea to research the price range so that you will know what type of stereo fits your budget. You should also consider the technical options that your preferred stereo has. Usually, more features equals more money. Identify what radio features you like. Some people want more media options, while others aim to improve their stereo’s sound quality.

The size

All car stereos are 7 inches wide. However, there are two basic stereo heights—the DIN and the Double DIN, which refer to the size of the head units. Before finally purchasing your car audio, make sure that it fits the head unit of your vehicle.

The sensitivity

Sensitivity refers to how much power the stereo needs for it to work. Your speaker’s volume will depend on its sensitivity. Usually, stereos and speakers with higher sensitivity require less power. To know how sensitive your radio should be, you need to know how much power your head unit or external amplifier puts out. If you have a car that releases a high amount of power, then you will most likely need a low level of the sensitivity car stereo. On the other hand, if your head unit releases low power, then you will need a speaker with a high level of sensitivity.

The look

Your car audio is the centerpiece in the dash of your vehicle, so it’s essential to choose the one the looks good without sacrificing features or quality.

Choosing the right service provider is as important as selecting the stereo itself. So, if you are looking for the best car stereo store in the San Diego State University area, then you should opt for JC Power Audio Shop! We offer 10% discounts to students who have us install their systems. Get the best service at a great price by visiting our website or calling us at (619)-582-4855 to get a free quote.

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