Types of Car Window Tint (Plus, Where to Get Window Tint Service in San Diego)

Window tint comes in more varieties than you might think. Different types of window tint offer different benefits, whether it’s protection from sun damage, reduction in driving glare,or just making your car look hot. Also, window tint can reduce the heat in the vehicle especially when you are living in a country with a hot climate. 

Characteristics of Window Tint Films

Window tint films have a variety of characteristics. Before looking for a window tint service in San Diego–or anywhere, really–you should know what you’re looking for.  

1. Shade– This is the color of the tint. Check your state and local laws before you pick the shade of your tint. Some states prohibit usage of window tints in darker shades.

2. Stability– Choose tint that maintains its color over a long period. Due to UV light exposure, tints are prone to lose their color.

3. Clearness– for safety, check and ensure visibility. Even with window tint film, you must still be able to see the road while driving.

Types of Car Window Tint 

Now that you know the basics of window tint, it will be easier for you to choose which type is best for you. Here are the most common types of window tint:

Dyed Auto Window Tint

One of the most used tint films in every window tint service in San Diego and the majority of the aftermarket is the Dyed Car Window Tint. It can block up to 50% of the sunlight coming into your car. It is composed of layers of dyed polyester film, adhesive, and scratch-resistant hard coat. If you’re on a budget, Dyed Car Window Tint can be a great choice.J ust know that continued sun exposure can make it brittle.

Metalized Auto Window Tint

It has small metallic particles inside that are almost invisible. Just liked Dyed Window Tint, it also absorbs and reflects the heat of the sunlight up to 40%. The metal particles also serve as protection to strengthen the window in the event of an accident. Metallized Auto Window Tint boasts durability and effective glare protection. 

Hybrid Auto Window Tint

If you can’t choose between the first two because of their competing features, you may want to opt for this one. With Hybrid Auto Window Tint, you can enjoy both dyed and metalized tint at the same time. It is made up of both dye and metalized particles. Thus, resulting in more effective glare protection, heat absorption, and shatter-resistant window. 

Ceramic Auto Window Tint

This one is a bit like Metallized Auto Window Tint. But, instead of metal particles, it has non-conductive ceramic particles inside. Ceramic particles do not interfere with electronic equipment, so you don’t need to worry about having low reception inside your car. It can block up to 50% heat while also giving a clear sight, day and night. Although it is a bit more expensive, the quality is unquestionably good. It has UV protection, anti-glare and fading, and high shatter resistance. 

Carbon Auto Window Tint

With the ability to block up to 40% of heat, carbon window tint has a darker shade than the other types of tint. It also has a matte finished that does not easily fade. There is no electronic interference when using this type of tint unlike with the metalized ones. It is the most expensive tint; however, it can last the lifetime of your car which makes it worth while. 

Where to Get Window Tint Service in San Diego?

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