Things to Consider for Your Next Automotive LED Lighting System Kit

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Automotive lighting technology never ceases to advance. For that reason, and because there are so many benefits to using LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs, you’ll see more and more cars displaying LED taillights and headlights. There are a few important considerations to take into consideration before picking the right LED lighting system kit. 

Notable Advantages of LED Lighting System Kits

LEDs have an average lifespan of 15,000 hours compared to the 1000 hour average of most incandescent bulbs. Although more expensive, their resilience more than makes up for its cost. LEDs offer bright illumination without blinding oncoming motorists. And, In contrast to HIDs that take a while to light up and reach their full brightness, LEDs light up immediately when turned on. This is important for the driver behind you to have time to react when you hit the brakes. 

Your Guide for the Right Purchase

LEDs have more benefits, too, if you pick up the best ones for your situation. Take these considerations into account before buying your next LED lighting system kits: 


First things first. When the offer is cheap, think twice before you buy. LED automotive lighting is cutting-edge technology. That said, LED bulbs will be more expensive than incandescent ones made for the same purposes. They consume less power than traditional bulbs and  have brighter beams, providing more eye comfort and an improvement in safety. Remember that you’re looking for a kit that will last for years of good-quality illumination without sacrificing your safety.


LED lighting system kits are built for interior and exterior use. Though there’s no standard, it’s advisable to match the light color to your car and, in the case of exterior lights, to ensure they’re durable. Door lights, dome lights, map lights, and accent lights can be installed in the interior. LED accent lights are installed underneath dashboards, on the footwell, in the trunk, and in other areas of your car interior.  


LED lights are simple. They have no moving parts. There are two LED headlights available for cars. The first uses a single beam for high-beams and a single beam for your low-beams. The second variety of headlights is the double beam LED headlight. These lights have two light arrays existing on a single bulb for low- and high-beams. There are also different wirings present in these two types. Some are easy to install, like plug-and-play lighting system kits, while others have complex wiring and may require professional help for installation. 

Headlight housing

Projector and reflector headlights are the two available LED headlight housings. Headlight housing differs in all cars. How the bulb is mounted and where it is placed can vary. Projector lights like a halo car light appear in circles without the center filled in with light. This design ensures high visibility on the road, allowing the driver to see well and be more visible to oncoming vehicles. 

On the other hand, reflector lights are best suited to work with LED headlights that enable the LED to reflect on the chrome surface. Its downside is the accumulation of dark spots over time. However, the projector lighting is more advantageous in the usage of LED lights due to its combination of brighter illumination with increased safety from the light not being directly pointed toward the eyes of the oncoming motorists. 

Brightness and color

The color of headlights causes different reactions in various environments. For example, in foggy conditions, it’s not advisable to increase brightness. Instead, use yellow-orange fog lights. Cooler, brighter colors are best suited for low and high-beams. Taillights need more LED lights, and they have to be able to emit white and red for reverse and brake lights, along with the separate, yellow parking lights and turn signals. Look for LED headlights that emit at least 6,000 lumens of brightness for a far brighter and more effective light.

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