The New Age: Touchscreen Multimedia Player for Audio Installation

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Times have changed! In the past, traditional car stereos ruled. Buttons and knobs were everywhere. Today, touchscreen multimedia players remove some of that feeling of clutter while adding functionality. Plus, they often look pretty cool. 

Read on and learn more about touchscreen multimedia players and their benefits.

At a Glance: Touchscreen Multimedia Players 

As the term implies, touch screen car stereos allow you to change settings and audio sources by tapping a display. The classic vehicle stereo, on the other hand, offers manual channel adjustment through a knob. These transmitters are still around, but they’re generally only for listening to audio and often have far fewer capabilities than a modern touchscreen multimedia player.

By 2010, when Apple and Google released their advanced vehicle entertainment and audio platforms, CarPlay and Android Auto, the head display advanced in strides. Today, these systems link to your mobile device and allow you to listen to music, navigate maps via GPS, and even open and run applications.

Benefits of Touchscreen Multimedia Players

Here are some of the notable advantages of a touchscreen multimedia player if you are considering one for your future audio installation.

Stream All You Want

You can efficiently operate different parts of your audio system, for instance, switching CDs or even running DVD or MP3 files. Often, they even connect to satellite radio!

Bluetooth Availability

Bluetooth is available on most touchscreen devices. Hence, use this function to play audio from your smartphone, take calls, and do other things.

It Promotes Safety

If you communicate and interact on your phone constantly while traveling, a touchscreen system will allow you to do that without having to use your hands or look down as much.   

Similarly, operating switches and push-button devices requires a little more focus, taking your attention away from the road. Security systems are also available on specific models.

Park and Maneuver

Cameras are built into many touchscreen multimedia devices. Hence, this particular feature helps drivers who find parking difficult. Open the rear camera, look at the screen, and voila! You can see where you’re going even better than through the back windows!

Final Thoughts

If you plan on investing in a touchscreen for your future car audio installation, look for a trusted car audio shop.  

The Most Reliable Aftermarket Audio Shop

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