The Best Remote Car Starter Provider in San Diego

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A remote car starter does exactly what it sounds like: It starts your vehicle securely, even if you’re far away. 

Usually, remote starters come in three forms:

1.    Some are aftermarket fobs you attach on your key ring.

2.    Some are integrated with your vehicle’s own original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fob.

3.    Some are applications that work on your mobile phone.

But, why would you even want a remote starter for your car?

On chilly parts of the year or in the winter season, it can take your car 5 – 10 minutes in to warm up. During the warm-up period, you may already feel frozen, unable to feel your toes and fingers. Worse is that you may have to a sheet of the ice sheet from your windshield. If you have a remote car starter, you will be able to start your engine from inside of your house or any building you are in. You get to stay warm as your car warms-up and defrosts all by itself.

Or, conversely, if the outside temperature reaches 80°F – 100°F, then the temperature in a parked car could reach 130°F – 172°F. This means that by the time your car cools down, you are already soaking with sweat while you hover desperately over your black leather car seats. However, if you have a remote car starter, you can start your car and wait in cooler areas while your vehicle cools down by itself.

What if your car already has a remote start?

In fact, some cars already come with a remote start. However, most stock OEM remote starters come with a limited range of approximately 30ft to 40ft. Compare that with some of our remote starter solutions which can start your car at a greater distance and comes with other great perks.

There are also starters which can be integrated into your car key (therefore, you don’t need to bring another gadget around). These systems are mainly for newer cars with advanced data systems. If your car was made in recent years, it may be a candidate. With one of these, once the remote starter is installed, you can just push the lock button 3x, then your car engine will start seconds later. Better still– no additional mess on your key ring.

You might ask which remote you should get. That’s totally up to you, your car’s model and make, and your budget. Outside of those conditions, you might consider the range you need and whether you like a 2-way remote car starter.

Most of the time, starting your engine is simple: You get your car key, slide the livingroom curtains aside, and hit the button. 

But what if you are at work and your car is buried in the parking lot? How will you know it started? One of our remote car starter solutions has a two-way function, which means that when you try to remote start your car (or lock/unlock your trunk), the remote will confirm whether your car got the command or not.

Choosing the best remote start service provider

In acquiring a remote start service, there are things to consider in order to get the most out of it. 

Here is some advice for shopping for a remote car starter:

1.    Buy a remote starter with a sufficient range

Most people don’t think about range until after a remote starter is installed. It’s true that some people may not need to start their cars for over a thousand feet away. However, most car owners want to start their cars from inside a building. That’s why transmitter power is important. We guarantee you that you won’t only want to start your car from inside your house. You will want to start your car from restaurants, hospitals, malls, banks, and other establishments. Maybe even bathrooms, at least at first. 

That’s why you shouldn’t settle for starter systems with low transmitting power.

2.    Have a professional install your remote

Having a professional install your remote is the key to a quality remote starter experience. Never entrust your car to the lowest bidder. Some remote starter installments can be complicated in newer vehicles, and it is critical that the remote is installed correctly. A single mistake can cause expensive damage that might not be covered by your insurance or your car’s warranty.

3.    Be sure to buy high-quality remote starters

Most of the time, a high-quality remote will require professional installation. Don’t trust products that tell you that you can install them by yourself. Do some research and put time and effort into scanning the market for the best quality remote starters.

If you are looking for a high-quality remote start service provider here in San Diego, give us a try. Here at JC Power Audio, we offer the best remote car starters and the best professional service. If you want to check out our products and services, you can contact us at 619-582-4855, or you can visit our website.

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