The Best Car Stereo Features for the Best Car Audio Experience in San Diego

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The best part of your vehicle is the entertainment system. JC Power Audio Shop’s aftermarket deals offer various car stereo and other car audio systems in San Diego to give you only the best car audio experience. Whether you want to upgrade or are only planning, there’s a lot to take into consideration when buying a new car stereo.

The Best Specifications

JC Power Audio Shop specializes in selling and installing aftermarket car upgrades. We want to share some car stereo features with you to ensure you have the best car audio experience.

Radio System

Contrary to what you may hear, radio is still relevant.Today, if you choose an aftermarket receiver with a built-in High Definition Radio decoding to improve your stations’ audio quality, you get the benefit of an in-house (or car) DJ everywhere you go. Travel a lot? Look forward to being able to find on-air NBA, NHL, and NFL programs on the road! 

Controls and Dimensions

Once you’ve selected a receiver, consider the controls and interface. The options will double-DIN and single-DIN receivers. Double-DIN models use more space and frequently feature larger touch-sensitive displays. If you opt for DVD playback, a GPS navigation system, or an application on your receiver, a double-DIN model is what you should look for in your car audio. On the other hand, a single-DIN uses less space on the dashboard and is less evident from outside. This kind of receiver fits into a larger variety of dashboards. 

Beyond that, controls are key points to consider in the ease of access of your car audio. Touch screens boast straightforward operation but can be hard to operate when you’re driving.  

Smartphone Integration

More and more, car stereo owners are learning to love app mirroring. It’s on the new side, and most units are operating system specific, so be careful to test it out and make sure it’s compatible with your phone.  

Audio Source

Of course, your car audio won’t be complete without the most crucial part of the system – the source audio. Are you playing to a DVD player for the kids, or is all the music coming from your phone? Whether you want to with the traditional disc slots, a big A/V receiver with a color screen, or mechless stereo without the drives, know what you need before you shop.

Though your preference may be CDs,make sure to consider guest passengers, too. Make it a point that your receiver has at least a USB port for AAC, WMA, or MP3 playback and a 3.5mm analog input for universal connection.


Installation can be tricky depending on the model, year, and make of your car. However, almost every receiver today uses a standard wiring harness to connect it to your vehicle and its speakers. Should you plan to install it on your own, you need to remove and replace some parts. Alternatively, you can hire a certified professional to install it for you. Some installations are free if you buy car audio and car stereo systems from aftermarket dealers. 

Purchase and Install with JC Power Audio Shop

Do you need the best car stereo for your car upgrade in San Diego? Get the best car audio experience when you buy directly from us. Contact JC Power Audio Shop today at (619) 582-4855 or browse our site for other services.

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