The Best Car Alarm Installation in San Diego

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Today, car owners take every precaution to protect their vehicles. Your precious vehicle is a prime target for burglary, especially here in the big city. Consider car alarm installation as additional protection for your vehicle.

An automatic alarm is a cost-effective way to secure your property. It signals to potential car thieves that this car isn’t worth it. The loud sound can easily notify the owner of a threat and possibly scare away an intruder. The act of car alarm installation will increase the probability that your car will not be chosen if other easier targets are available. 

An expensive part of owning a car is the insurance bill. When searching for an insurance provider, most car owners choose the insurance dealer that provides the best coverage with the best price. Generally, insurance premiums are personalized to fit the model and the make of the car.

If you have a car that was factory fitted with an immobilizer or an alarm, the insurance provider will likely take that into consideration when determining your premium.

The Need for Car Alarms

While Albuquerque, New Mexico has the highest per capita rate of stolen cars in the United States, five of the United States’ hottest car theft spots are located in California.

Here is the NICB’s top 10 list of U.S metro areas with the highest per capita auto theft rates and the number of reported stolen vehicles last year:

1.    Albuquerque, New Mexico – 7,146

2.    Anchorage, Alaska: 3,087

3.    Bakersfield, California: 6,748

4.    Pueblo, Colorado: 1,175

5.    Modesto, California: 3,428

6.    Redding, California: 1,037

7.    Stockton, California: 4,287

8.    Wichita, Kansas: 3,547

9.    Vallejo, California: 2,404

10. St. Joseph, Missouri: 674

Additionally, here’s how the U.S. top 10 largest cities rank in terms of auto theft per resident with the total stolen during 2018 according to NICB:

1.    Los Angeles, California: 53,928

2.    San Diego, California: 11,091

3.    Houston, Texas: 24,481

4.    San Antonio, Texas: 7,993

5.    Dallas, Texas: 23,261

6.    Phoenix, Arizona: 13,469

7.    San Jose, California: 5,160

8.    Chicago, Illinois: 22,688

9.    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 11,214

10. New York City, New York: 19,789

Car Alarm Installation

Car alarm installation is now available to and affordable for every car owner. The installation cost of a car alarm is more than offset by the insurance costs reduction over your vehicle’s lifetime. And, in the event that your car is stolen, having a car alarm with a tracking device is essential for the quick recovery of your car.

Finding the best alarm and installer is vital to your car’s security. First, you need to know and understand the type of car you own, and also what kind of alarm is most suitable for and compatible with your vehicle.

Benefits of a good car alarm:

1. Continual protection

You can’t be always physically there or hire someone to guard your vehicle 24/7. A car alarm can be.

2. Excellent Deterrent

Cars with alarm systems have reduced risk of being targeted by car thieves. When they find out that you have installed a car alarm system, thieves tend to move away and find an easier target.

3. Constant Functionality

Car alarms have an efficient power source and are easy to maintain. You don’t want to worry that it will stop working, and you don’t have to.

If you’re looking for the best car alarm installation in San Diego, then you’re in luck. We at JC Power Audio offer several types of car alarm to suit different types of vehicles. You’ll get high-quality service, and you won’t have to worry while your car is in the parking lot. Check out our services on our website, or call us at 619-582-4855.

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