Subwoofer Installation Facts You’ll Wish you Knew Sooner

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An excellent subwoofer is versatile and can play any music you want to play, from opera to rock. Good subs can make a decent system great– and a great system can make even a gruelling road trip a little shorter if you know its installation facts. 

Get That Bass!

It is hard to get the bass that you want from average car speakers. Bass is the most challenging range of the frequency spectrum for a speaker. Usually, larger, more expensive speakers move a large amount of air to achieve great bass frequencies. Subwoofers are cost-efficient and can save lots of space without risking the music; it even improves it! This is the right time to find a subwoofer installation in San Diego and get the best bass out of your car audio system. 

What To Consider  

What should you consider when setting up your new subwoofers? When you do a subwoofer installation, your installer will be able to answer your questions, but this list will be a good primer:

The Fit

Whenever you decide to get subwoofers installed one of the first considerations is fit– you have to be sure the speaker fits the space you have for it. Don’t have room for that sweet 15”? No sweat. Even an 8″ can deliver great sound.


Subwoofers need an enclosure. If you love bass, the enclosure matters. There are generally two types of enclosures for subwoofers: sealed enclosures and ported enclosures. Choosing the right type depends on whether you like the tight, accurate bass or boomy, loud bass. 

Sealed enclosures let the subs deliver a natural-sounding bass response. If you are a fan of classical and jazz music, a sealed enclosure is what you need. Ported enclosures, on the other hand, have vents that let the air in and out of the box. Ported boxes are very popular with loud music enthusiasts thumping rap, hip-hop, rock, and other upbeat music.


Subwoofers require lots of power to produce excellent output. An amplifier can help. In looking for a great amplifier, pay attention to the specifications. Look for the subwoofer’s upper RMS power-handling specifications and the amplifier’s RMS output. Your local technician can assist you with this.


In subwoofers, all of the electrical circuits and components offer some natural resistance to electricity flow. When you are wiring your subwoofer to the amplifier, check that their impedance spec matches. The lower the impedance is that is presented to the amplifier, the more power it will return to the subwoofer. It’s imperative that the impudence matches the specifications of the sub and the amp. 

Low-pass Filters

Low-pass filters in subwoofers ensure that the low frequencies reach your subs. These filters are responsible for choosing frequencies and blocking the high notes. This feature helps in blending your sub’s natural output with the full-range speakers. Make sure that the filter is not set too high or overlapping too much with your other full-range speakers. If you place your filter super low, make sure you leave a gap between your subwoofer output and speaker output. 

Consult With JC Power Audio!

Want outstanding car audio performance doesn’t require a huge investment? Subs are one a critical element of your car audio system. Remember, good quality subwoofers will help and improve your system’s performance. When you decide it’s time for subwoofer installation in San Diego, give JC Power Audio a call. We are glad to help! Reach us at (619) 582-4855 or send an email at!

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