Specs Guide: Buy Car Speakers in San Diego

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Chances are, you’re reading this because your car speakers are not giving you the audio satisfaction you want. Bad car speakers can ruin a drive if you’re a music lover. If that’s you, maybe it’s time to upgrade. If you’re looking for car speakers in San Diego, you’re in luck because JC Power Audio Shop offers the best car speakers in the area. 

Why Go For Aftermarket Car Speakers

Not all cars come with the best of stock car speakers.The reason people buy aftermarket car speaker is to improve on what stock systems offer. If you’re looking to upgrade your system, it’s important to learn the essential elements of your system. 

Car Speaker Specifications

There are many choices when looking for the best car speakers. Whether you’re a pro or only want a car speaker upgrade, it’s crucial to know these things. JC Power Audio aims to help you with this search.


Technicians measure sensitivity in decibels. It’s one of the essential factors that people ignore when they buy car speaker. Sensitivity classification is a guide to how loud the car speaker can sound inside a room or any non-echoing surrounding. The typical sensitivity rating of a room is 2 to 3 dB higher than a non-echoing environment. When a car speaker’s sensitivity rating is high, it means it’s louder. The standard car speaker is in the 87 to 88 dB range. To give you a rough benchmark, home noise ranges from about 40 to 60 dB, while a lawnmower’s runs at about 90 dB. 

Frequency Range

Frequency range or frequency response is a specification measured in Hertz (or Hz). The average human ear can only hear frequencies above 20Hz. However, frequencies created by the bass reaching 30Hz or less cannot be heard – it can only be felt. Thus, a car speaker reaching 50Hz or lower is good enough without the use of a subwoofer. Frequency ratings should also include a +/- symbol. If these variations are missing, you most likely won’t get the real specifications. 

Power Handling

This specification measured in watts gives you a glimpse of how much power a car speaker can hold. Your car speaker does not need to handle a large amount of power if you have a lower power system. In contrast, a system with strong external amps will need car speakers’ power-handling close to the amps’ output. Take note that the key specification in power handling is the extreme RMS power handling and not the biggest power handling. RMS ratings measure how much a car speaker can hold on a sustained basis and not only for a shorter time. A car speaker offering 2-50 watts RMS for a low-powered stereo compared to those with higher watts is better. 

Speaker Size

Figure out what speaker you are replacing before shopping for new car speakers. A simple option is to remove your current car speakers and measure their size. If that doesn’t work, there are shops where you buy car speakers in San Diego with their professional installation team’s help. They can look up the right configuration and size for your car’s pre-installed car speakers. And, if you’re looking for something that stands out a little more, the shop can help you there too. They often choose between full-range or component speakers. The first one offers all components such as the tweeter and the woofer. While the latter utilizes a unique design with separate components.


There are no car speakers that will fit all needs. If you buy car speaker that cost more, you are more likely to find better quality results. However, purchasing high-cost car speakers will not always guarantee quality output and performance. An expensive system can still be a bad system.Of course, a cheaper car speaker system with low-quality parts will have a hard time running audio with low frequencies or even some higher notes, regardless of the audio quality. For instance, online streaming applications can play down to 30hz. If your car speaker cannot reach those notes, you will notice. 

Buy Car Speakers from JC Power Audio Shop

Why look for other aftermarket shops when JC Power Audio Shop can give you the best car speaker? If you want to buy car speakers in San Diego, choose us for competitive pricing and  high-quality installation. Find all the fantastic deals at https://www.jcpoweraudio.com/in-store-promo/ or call us today (619) 582-4855. 

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