San Diego: Setting Up A Car Speaker Installation

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Long drives require good music. Great speakers can transform mindless hours of passing cars and empty roads into entertaining ones. The right tunes on quality speakers make long drives feel shorter. If you want that experience, you might seek car speaker installation at the best shop in San Diego, JC Power Audio.  

Phones Don’t Do The Job 

Today, people usually connect an auxiliary cable from their phones to their car stereos. Unfortunately, sound quality deteriorates this way, and music can sound low quality. With an aftermarket head unit, your audio quality can significantly improve, no matter what media you use.  And, if you’re improving your system one item at a time, this is a good start since you  can make sure to include extra preamp outputs to use in the future if you decided to install an amplifier or signal processor.  

Things To Consider

When it’s time for you to choose a car speaker, JC Power Audio Shop has many options to choose from. Each speaker appeals to unique taste, but they all share common points to consider.  

Stable Foundation

The foundation for every high-quality car speaker is stability. It has the greatest impact on the overall sound, so it is essential to get this right. Speakers should be mounted securely, or else it will produce a buzz that spoils the moment every time. You can quickly test this by sitting inside your car with all doors closed and pressing play. The vibrations will usually distort the music. A well-installed speaker is one that emits no unnecessary sounds and can withstand any bumps on the road. 

Good Location

Depending on its location, subwoofers can add a more dramatic effect to the sound. There has to be a smooth mix of the energy from the subwoofer to the midbass sound, so the dynamics are fundamental here. With this in mind, subwoofer bass is suitable for hatchbacks and SUVs though in sedans you can fire the output of subwoofers through a ski pass-through too. Lastly, make sure the speaker’s output is not being blocked by anything. Keep any magazines, books, or paper from stacking in front or on top of your speakers. 


There are many ways to keep your speakers in place and secure. For instance, a moving speaker cone should have more mounting surface. On the other hand, a subwoofer enclosure requires an extra-thick front panel. To add more durability, vertical braces on either side of the speaker are highly recommended. This will bring strength to the speaker’s mounting surface and control vibrations, improving the overall performance. If you have a smaller speaker, it may be challenging to add strength, but there’s no challenge we can’t overcome in our shop. Adding a layer or two of sound deadening material around the metal of the speaker can do wonders. 


You can imagine that speakers mounted in a door panel have a chance of getting wet. It’s not entirely watertight, which can damage your speakers in the long-run. When you’re getting them installed, the perfect solution is to include a water-resistant material for the enclosure. However, the mounting depth and size of the enclosure may still affect the performance of the speaker. Our experts at JC Power Audio Shop have mastered the art of mounting car speakers that will be safe from the rain or heat, so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Get the Best Car Speaker Installation from JC Power Audio Shop

When it comes to the quality of aftermarket car products, you no longer have to look for other stores in San Diego. JC Power Audio Shop specializes in car speaker installation, and we always have amazing deals on equipment. Give us a call now at (619) 582-4855, and check our site for more of our featured services at

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