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Nowadays, tinting your car windows has a lot of advantages, especially if you are someone who hates other people peeking in your car and dislikes UV rays. Many people say that their tinted car windows also help keep the cool inside the car because it blocks the sunlight coming from the outside. If you plan to tint your car windows, consider JC Power Audio Shop. They offer different quality services in San Diego. 

Benefits of Tinting Your Car Window

One of the benefits of tinting your car windows include UV protection. Did you know that tinted car windows block almost ninety-nine percent of the sun’s UV rays? Most people sometimes forget that even when you are inside the car, UV rays outside can damage your skin. Moreover, tinted car windows increase your privacy. It allows you to see people from the inside without them seeing you, so they don’t know what valuables you have in your car.

Tinted windows have the strength to hold broken glass together. In JC Power Audio Shop, our automotive technicians can help you find the best window tint for your car. 

Things to Know Before Getting your Car Windows Tinted

Before you get your car windows tinted, it is important to know about window tinting. Keep in mind that it is not just about how to choose the right films, there are also laws that must be followed. Here are some things you need to know.

Things you Need to Know About Car Window Tinting

Tinting Laws Determined by States

In the States, they regulate darkness levels in auto glass tinting. There are safety laws in place for drivers to prevent accidents. To find what the allowed window tint in your area is, you can go to the state’s department of motor vehicles. Remember that all states have laws and restrictions about car window tinting. 

Window Tint Exemptions

Some states have an exemption for drivers with a medical certification, stating that their car window tint needs to exceed the regulated window tint. If the driver has sunlight sensitivity, they can get a waiver or permit for the exemption.

Different Kinds of Tints

You must explore different materials to choose the best fit for your car window. There are five types of window tint you can choose from:

Carbon Tint

Carbon tint makes your window finish like a matte window. It has a lot of advantages. It is durable and long-lasting, so you don’t need to spend much money to maintain it. It also provides a black appearance that keeps you warm in winter. 


Ceramic window tint might hurt your wallet, but it is a high-quality material with a type of film that brings maximum visibility. It also improves your car value and prevents UV rays from coming inside your car. 

Metallic Window Tint

This tint bonds to your window, and helps block the UV rays. It also prevents scratches and resists fading.

Hybrid Window Tint

The hybrid tint is the best for you if you want a metallic and dyed window tint. It blocks UV rays and has no reflective appearance. It is durable and less expensive compared to other car window tints.

Dyed Film

This film is a layer of adhesive polyester topcoat and dyed between both. It costs less and absorbs solar heat but gives your car a darker appearance.

Why Trust JC Power Audio Shop as a Window Tinting Shop in San Diego?

For more than twenty years, our professional team of experts in state-of-the-art technology can help you choose the best car window tint for your car. We specialize in car window tint installation in San Diego for all types of vehicles. Also, we provide custom quotes for our customers because we value all of them. 
If you have plans to tint your car window, don’t hesitate to come and visit us at 5101 El Cajon Blvd, or call us at (619) 582-4855 or visit our website for more details: https://www.jcpoweraudio.com/.

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