Install Camera Recording Devices Today in San Diego

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While most vehicles don’t include built-in auto cameras, a lot of aftermarket auto accessory stores make safety and security very accessible for car owners. JC Power Audio provides a variety of auto accessories, including dash cams and camera recording devices. If you are in San Diego or live nearby, drop by to see our selection.

What’s an Auto Camera for?

Dash cams can be lifesavers in a handful of ways. Goodness knows that if you live in or around San Diego, you ‘ll witness a car accident, and may even be in one. A dash cam can help prove your innocence if something goes wrong. Save yourself from the uncertainty of what you saw and simply let your auto camera do all the talking.

What to Look for In Auto Cameras

As parents, it is normal to have that tiny heart-attack when your teenage son or daughter asks if they can drive your family car. You want to say yes, but (admit it) you wish you could be there to see how things go, especially to see how your kid drives your car. The right dashcam can ease some of those worries. 

But… which one to buy? Here are a few considerations for when you’re trying to buy the right camera for your care. 

  • Self-powered automatic recording

Self-powered dash cams continue to record when the power source has depleted its power. This enables you to have a video recording of any incident that may occur, even when the power’s gone.  

  • Incident recording

Some auto cameras start recording when triggered by an impact. It’s an excellent idea to install camera recording devices like this for those who doubt their parking skills. After all, not everyone is a parking pro. This feature also keeps you from recording unnecessary day-long video footage and only activates when it makes sense.

  • MicroSD Card Storage

Storing videos captured by your dash cam saves you from deleting videos time and again. High-end auto cameras come along with a storage card bundle and can be worth the higher cost. There are many other ways to store video too– a smart rep at your local shop can give you recommendations if you need. 

  • Strong power connection

Some car owners must have forgotten to consider that there are auto cameras that only work when plugged from a power source – and that is through a physical cable. And though that may ensure a long-term video recording, it also could mean that wires will be dangling on your car’s dashboard. You may also opt for a wireless dashcam with large capacity to store power and save yourself from unwanted wires that can distract you when driving.

  • GPS tracker

GPS trackers are everywhere now and not just in James Bond films. Having a GPS tracker can serve to solve disputes involving your location. Plus, embedded GPS information on the video can be highly efficient to map your whereabouts. It’s a cool feature for those who are conscious of tracking their driving speed and milestones.

Install Camera Recording Devices Now

Get security in your car when you install camera recording devices. First, of course, you need the right aftermarket accessory car shop. Where’s the best place to buy these accessories? JC Power Audio! You’re in luck because we all have the fantastic items here at our San Diego store. If you need anything to upgrade your car, let us know by calling us at (619) 582-4855 or give us your information at

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