How Important Is To Have Reliable Security System in Your Car?

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Every 44 seconds, a motor vehicle gets stolen in the United States.

Many cars come pre-fitted with factory-installed alarms. Still, this statistic may seem surprising. These security systems don’t always offer the sophisticated level of protection you need to keep your vehicle and belongings secure. By having a professional car alarm installed, you put your best efforts forward to protect your property.

At JC Power Audio, our installation experts have been helping San Diego car owners keep their vehicles safe for years. From basic systems that offer peace of mind to complex systems that use cutting-edge technology, we can do it all.

Why do you need to have a car security system installed?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car thefts increase during the summer months particularly in July and August. When you consider how the temperature in San Diego skyrockets this time of year, it’s easy to see why.

Many drivers leave their windows cracked on their parked car, and the effort to ventilate the vehicle makes it a prime target for theft. If you forget to roll up your windows when you leave the car, an alarm will act as an extra layer of protection.

Summer is also a popular time to go on vacation. If you leave your car parked in your driveway for a week or more without moving it, thieves will take notice. Don’t have a trip planned? You don’t need to leave San Diego to become a victim of car theft. Long days spent parked at a public beach are prime opportunities for car thieves to zero in on your vehicle if it doesn’t have an alarm system installed.

Is installing a car security system investment or a lost cause?

The cost of a break-in can far exceed the cost of a quality security system. When someone breaks into your car, you’re not just going to pay for the stolen property. You’re also paying for damaged parts (broken windows, soiled carpets, etc) and possibly much more. Stolen personal information from your car could put you at risk of identity theft with months or years of recovery.

According to an ABC News report, an ex-car thief reveals that kill switches and alarms are among the main deterrents to auto theft. Therefore, just having an alarm could be enough to give a would-be car thief reason to leave you alone. But a quality security system can do much more than deter theft.

It can also:
  • Activate your headlamps upon disarming, giving you a clear well-lit path to your car.
  • Turn on the interior light upon disarming, revealing any hidden assailants in or near your car.
  • Provide you with a panic feature to warn off anyone lurking nearby or attempting to cause you harm.
  • Offer remote start, keyless entry, remote trunk release, and other convenient features that make your life easier.

Installing a quality security system in your car can save you money. Also, it can save you the hassle and frustration of dealing with a break-in or theft. The good news is that car alarms come at every price point and are affordable for any budget. Not to mention, the long-term protection you receive far outweighs the upfront costs.

If you want your car to be as safe as possible, allow the experts at JC Power Audio to be the ones who provide you peace of mind. From high-tech systems that use GPS-enabled tracking software to basic alarms that a keychain remote can turn on and off, our technicians have experience with all makes and models. It all gave us the unique ability to perform installations the right way every single time.

To learn more about the car alarms JC Power Audio can install in your vehicle, give us a call at (619) 582-4855. Or, if you’re in the area, stop by our location in San Diego. Our friendly staff is here to answer your questions every day of the week.

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