FAQs About Remote Start Installations in San Diego

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Remote starters allow a driver to start his or her vehicle’s engine using a remote control. These days, some cars come equipped with them, but more often than not people have them installed aftermarket from shops like JC Power Audio.

Why Install a Remote Starter?

Remote starters offer many benefits besides the chance to climb into an already-comfortable car despite extreme weather. It allows cold vehicles to warm up, for example, protecting the engine and thawing the windows in advance. For a car’s climate control system to begin creating warm air, the engine must first warm-up, and engine oil becomes thick while a car is cold and idle, so warming it up before driving means the pistons are better lubricated when you set out.  

Some FAQs Answered by the Experts from JC Power Audio Shop

Here at JC Power Audio Shop, we’ve been asked many questions regarding remote start installations. Here are answers to some of the most common ones:

Can I put a remote starter on my manual transmission vehicle?

Of course! However, manual transmission vehicles require a safety sequence of actions performed when you exit your car. Each time you turn off your car, you need to put your vehicle into neutral and engage the parking brake. Once you hear the audible confirmation, exit your car with the engine still running. Then you can close the doors, and the car will automatically shut down and lock the doors. As long as nobody opens the car again before you start it, it’ll be ready for remote start. 

Is it possible to start my car using my phone?

In more ways than one, yes! Many starters allow you to add a smartphone controller. It’s not super hard, but you may benefit from having a pro do it. Controls on smartphones work when you add a control module to the remote starter, download an app to the phone you’ll use, and then connect and register the two devices. 

Should I still go for a remote starter when I already have keyless entry? 

The downside of having keyless entry systems from the factory is that they often have limited range. Remote start installers offer a solution to extend the range of this feature. You also can have additional options installed to your remote starter to control your trunk, defrost the rear windows, or warm up your seats. There are also makes and models of cars where remote starters can utilize the factory remote and add all these features while reducing the number of key fobs you carry around. 

Does installing a remote start void my car’s warranty?

With a proper installation, this should not void your warranty, particularly if you have the installation done professionally. It is essential that you have it installed correctly because if the installation process causes damage the warranty will be void. Buying remote start installers and installing them on your own is complex, so it’s smart to have  and experts to install yours. 

What are interface and bypass, and do I really need it? 

The modernized vehicle uses complex electrical systems that connect all the other electrical parts of a car. The best way to run your remote starter is through the data integration module. The starter fob then speaks safely to the factory computer. Other cars use transponders concealed inside the plastic base of the key, while still others install transponder modules that cars “sees” as an extra key while allowing the vehicle to start remotely. 

Only Ask the Experts from JC Power Audio Shop

Do you still have questions or doubts about installing a remote starter in your car? Ask JC Power Audio Shop for an expert’s advice. Buy remote start installers from JC Power Audio Shop, and we’ll install them for you right here in San Diego! Go to https://www.jcpoweraudio.com/our-services/ to find out more or call (619) 582-4855 today! 

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