Do’s and Don’ts When Getting a Car Window Tint Service in San Diego

Car window tint does not only upgrade the look of your car but also offers a lot of benefits to your vehicle. Take it from car guys who have taken the “leap” and enjoyed having tints in their car window. When you have a tint in your window, it makes the temperature inside your car cooler, creates a classier appeal, protects the interior from color fading and UV rays protection. What is more interesting is that it also protects you from accidents by holding the sharp pieces of the car window together.

All types of car tint do have all those benefits but not all can last long. Like any other feature of your car, it should be handled with the proper care so it would last. Read on to know more about the do’s and don’ts of auto window tinting in San Diego.  

The Don’ts: Avoid Early Damage in Your Car Tint

What are you doing wrong to make your car tint last? Here is a list of what not to do (which you may be guilty about) to avoid early damage of your car window tint: 

1. Do not attempt doing DIY window tinting 

It takes precision and careful handling to install window tint films. If this is supposedly your first time doing this, you better not try. Self-installation would be very prone to any mistake, even just a bubble, which will be easily visible in the naked eye. More so, it will cause hassle and cost you more money since you have to buy extra films.

To be sure, look for a car window tint service provider that can help with the tint installation. 

2. Don’t clean under a direct sunlight

Although window tints are protecting the insides of your car, it is still easily damaged by harmful UV rays, and adding water on the equation could make it worse. Keep in mind that little droplets of water act as little magnifying glass that can burn your newly installed window tint films. 

3. Do not use cleaners with harmful chemicals 

Check the chemical contents of the car cleaner you are using. If it contains ammonia, you should not use it. Ammonia and other toxic chemicals are harmful to your window tint. When films are exposed to these chemicals, it tends to tear off easily. Opt to use cleaning detergent that contains natural or organic ingredients. 

4. Do not clean your car immediately after tint installation

Window tint takes time to heal and adhere to your window. Normally, you should wait for several days or a week before you clean your car or rolling your windows to make sure that it won’t peel or tear off. 

The Dos: Proper Care to Make Window Tint Last

Here are things your car window tint will thank you for: 

1. Do know the laws that apply in your place about car tint

Car window tint law and regulations vary depending on the place you love in. There are some protocols and preferences that you should be aware of. Oftentimes, mirror tint and extremely dark tints are prohibited. Mirror tints tend to reflect the light towards the coming drivers while dark tints are suspicious. 

2. Do research about window tint films 

You should have knowledge about car window tints and identify what type of tint that will match your preferences. There are several types of window tint films you should know about such as dyed tint films, metalized window tint, carbon window tints, ceramic window tint films, etc. Each type of films have their own pros and cons and it will be up to you which one you would choose. 

3. Do clean with squeezes and a soft cloth

Remember that newly installed films are quite sensitive and one wrong move could damage it. Always use a soft cloth when cleaning your car to avoid any damages. It is also safe to avoid scratching your window tint and even your car’s body. 

4. Do choose the best car window installation service in San Diego 

You may wonder how much you can save when you opt to just install it by yourself but, having a professional to install your car window tint assures it will do right. What’s more, is that it will save you time and money. More so, the best car window tint service in San Diego will provide you tips and knowledge about car care which is not available in other shops. 

Looking for the best car window tint service in San Diego? At JC power Audio, we understand that car window tints are an investment you can do for your vehicle and we don’t want to waste that. Instead, our team of professionals and top-notch service could assure that you can enjoy the best of your car window tints. Contact us at (619) 582-4855 or visit our website at for more details. 

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