DIY Tips for Window Tinting in San Diego

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Good car window tint looks classy and protects your interior from heat and fading– especially when you live in Sunny San Diego. Installation isn’t for the faint of heart, but you can do it yourself if you prefer not to have an expert, like ours at JC Power Audio Shop, do it for you.  

Window Tinting Service

Often people see professional window tinting as an expensive luxury, but most owners know that window tinting is about more than appearance. Doing it by yourself may be a thrifty thing to do, though it requires patience and some learning to do it well.  

DIY Tips for Windows Tinting

You’re courageous if you’re  tinting your car windows by yourself! Here are some easy tips to do it on your own for a close to professional result.  

Consider the local laws

Before jumping in, make sure you’re not about to break any laws. Many localities have set limits on how dark int can be for car windows. This limit is usually based on a specific percentage of visible light that can come through to your window, starting from about 20 percent. That tint percentage means that 80 percent of actual visible light is blocked. Tint darker than regulations allow can earn you a ticket!

Choose the right cut

If window tinting is new to you, it’s safest to buy a kit with all the pieces pre-cut. You can still opt to cut your own, but doing it well requires developing a skill over time. You need to be sure that you get it right on the first try. With pre-cut tints, you can be sure that all pieces fit your windows since they’re made specifically for the year, model, and make of your car. Regardless of how well you place the film, you won’t get an expert-looking result if it’s not cut accurately.

Prepare the windows

Whether you are cutting the film by yourself or buying pre-cut, it is crucial that you prepare your car windows before anything else. For an effective cleaning, use the right window cleaning products. A rubber squeegee can help ensure that you remove all the grime and dirt. To achieve better results, clean the windows twice in a dust-free place, and don’t use vinegar and ammonia solutions. These solutions damage the film. Do not forget to clean the rubber that holds your car windows in place to prevent transferring dust and dirt. Removing dirt helps prevent bubbles when you place the film. The smallest speck of dust or dirt can prevent complete contact with the glass, in which case you’ll end up with difficult to remove bubbles in the film.

Cut the tint film

When cutting the film yourself, never use your car’s window as a template. You can use cardboard to cut a pattern for each of your windows. This way, you get the exact shape without wasting any of the film. If you happen to make something wrong, you can make another one. However, in making the template, remember to add an extra space allowance below the rubber seal and to all sides to cover the seals. Once you have a working template, lay it and the film on a flat surface and use a sharp knife to trim the edges. Double-check it by placing it inside the window. 

Apply the film

Remove the back of the film and spray it with water to more  easily adjust it once placed. Press the film to the window and push it to the corners. Begin your work from the center then work outwards to force the air out to the edges. You can use a heat gun to keep the film flexible until you’ve removed the unwanted air pockets. Do not forget to apply heat from outside the glass so you don’t melt the film! Use a metal file on the window’s edges to secure a rounded, smooth result. This also helps prevent the tint film from coming loose when you roll your windows up and down.

Window Tinting with JC Power Audio Shop

If you’re unsure about window tinting your car, you can always have JC Power Audio Shop do it for you. We’ll give you the best window tinting service in San Diego! Learn how you can get that perfect window tint at  Call (619) 582-4855 for more info.

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