Customize your Lights: How to Get the Best Car Lights in San Diego, California

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Most people in San Diego drive. It’s hard not to. If you’ve got to drive anyway, you may as well look good doing it. Custom lighting will make your car stand out! Come see us at JC Power Audio Shop, San Diego’s best custom auto lighting installers to get a great deal on lights and installation.

You already know what headlights are for. Did you know they can be customized? Let us match form and function to turn your car into a one-of-a-kind machine!

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Head Lights

There are a few considerations to keep in mind: 

Headlight Manufacturers

There are many headlight manufacturers in the industry today, so you should do thorough research before settling on one. Nobody wants to feel short changed or find out that they bought a counterfeit. Check for the reviews on different automobile websites that deal with headlights and ask for referrals to someone you trust. 

If you are from San Diego, you don’t need to worry about that. JC Power Audio Shop offers you the best custom auto lighting products, installation, and service. They are open for you to see what kind of manufacturing solutions they have.  

Determine Your Brightness Requirements

You can understand why drivers think “brighter is better”, but the law in California states that “light output for the featured headlights in California shall not exceed 2513 lumens from each lamp.” It makes sense: A brighter headlight can disorient the drivers of other cars on the road. 

Consider the Whiteness Factor

Today, we can find many LED headlights with different colors. Most high-end and modern cars are now equipped with white light instead of the traditional yellow ones, and some halogen bulbs put off a light that appears blue.  

There are many reasons to choose white light. They are brighter and provide greater visibility. 

Know the age and Longevity of Your Lights

One of the things that you should be familiar with if you own a car is the service age of its parts. How long has your existing headlight been serving you? You should know the answer to this one. Even if you aren’t looking for custom lights, you want to make sure yours don’t fail!

Choose the Right Bulb Type

There are different kinds of bulbs that you should be familiar with. The most basic system is halogen bulbs. They bounce light off a mirror behind the bulb, creating a more direct beam of light. The bulbs come in several sizes and have a decent lifespan. HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Xenon is often used for low-beam headlights, with a halogen system used for the high beam.

Lastly are LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. This newer technology can produce bright light at any time. It is currently favored in the market due to its efficiency, brightness, versatility, and low risk of damage. Note that these can be a little more expensive than other options and that their light output is comparatively less than the other types.

Where Can I Upgrade My Lighting?

If you’re looking for an installer with decades of experience, you found them: JC Power Audio Shop is the way to go here in San Diego. We’ve provided premier customization and installation services in San Diego for years. We offer lifetime warranties on lighting and all of our installations.Call us at (619) 582-4855 for more info.

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