Car Stereo: A Car Upgrade You Need

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San Diego is still a music city, and a lot of residents are music lovers. You can hear the throb of bass all year long coming from cars, and for many that sweet system is a point of pride. What’s with a car stereo that it has caused so much craze? Well, a lot of things.

Why You Need to Upgrade

Your car’s sound system compliments both your ride and the rides you take in it. For many, it’s the single most important accessory and the centerpiece of the interior. It says a lot about the owner of the car, too. Car stereos sold on the market today sound better than those available when many of us bought our cars, and far better than most stock stereos. Factory-made stereos tend to have lower quality amplifiers than those sold in car audio shops, for example, and new technology offers tremendous advancements in the audio circuits that make cleaner, richer sound. By upgrading, you expand your stereo’s auxiliary inputs and USB connections and can connect other external outputs. These include external amplifiers, portable music players, and even video screens for passengers. 

What You Should Upgrade

A car stereo has a lot of components. While car audio shops may offer you a service for the whole set up, there are instances you might only need to change or replace some parts depending on what you desire. 

Below are a handful of considerations for upgrading your car’s stereo.

  • Replace car speakers

Technically speaking, when we talk about speakers, we don’t only peak about the place where the audio comes out. In general, there are four speakers, two in front and two in the back. By installing a nice collection of aftermarket speakers, you can make a massive difference in your setup’s sound quality. With it, you will be able to hear tighter bass and more overall clarity. You may even find new sounds in songs you’ve known for years.

  • Select high-quality music files

If you love music and listen to your favorite songs over and over, you’ll hear the difference between listening with earphones versus listening on the car stereo. It differs not only because of the equipment used but also the music file itself. The higher the bit rate, the better your music will sound through your vehicle’s system. And if you are someone who loves streaming music, try exploring your favorite music application settings to stream higher quality and you’ll see a big difference.

  • Install sound deadening material

Deadening materials work to make a room louder by reducing vibrations that may be caused by driving fast. They are widely used with enhanced stereo sound to avoid rattling in vehicles to reduce road noise. With reduced road noise, you don’t have to crank your own music as loud to hear it well– your brain may thank you.

  • Make room for an amplifier.

Adding an external amplifier enables improvement in audio. High-end amplifiers are installed to deliver excellent power efficiency, too. It can produce more sound while reducing distortion.

  • Add a subwoofer

Subwoofers, commonly installed in home theaters, have made their way to car audio. The subwoofer is a specialized speaker that picks up low in frequency sound. Without a subwoofer, you won’t be able to hear (or even feel!) the low rumbles in the songs you play in your car stereo. Though it may not be the most important speaker upgrade to have for non-bass lovers, it’s an essential addition if, for you, it’s all about that bass. 

Upgrade with the Experts

A car stereo upgrade is not only for those who love technology. It’s also a way of raising the quality of the audio your stereo puts out. When you decide to have these installed in your vehicle, choose someone with quality service like us here at JC Power Audio. And if you’re here in San Diego, CA, we’d love to talk to you.  Call us at (619) 582-4855 or check our site now at

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