Buying Guide: The 5 Types of Headlights

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There’s little more important than ensuring that you have clear visibility ahead of your car while you drive. For that to happen, you need to have highly functional headlights. Whether you bought your car new or used, those lights are going to discolor and dim over time. When that happens, you’ll lose clear sight of the road when you’re driving at night. If you’re planning to change your lighting system kits, consider picking them up from JC Power Audio. 

Headlights Replacement

There are a handful of things to consider before having your headlights replaced. Understand that replacement still depends on your car’s year, make, or model, so you need to be careful to buy the correct bulbs. Read your car’s manual or call your dealer to determine the right match. To get the best headlights for your car and driving situation, ask for a professional’s help. 

Headlight Types to Choose From

Headlights come in many types, and each supports different systems. Before picking the one you think is best for your car, check the list JC Power Audios’ comparison of headlight types. 


Halogen lamps have been the dominating headlights since 1962 and are still present today in some cars. However, they are more commonly installed on low-end vehicles today. This type of headlight uses a tungsten filament that is heated through electric currents. Once heated up, the filament then lights up the gas inside. The downside is that it does not emit more light than the other modern light types. 


LEDs are known for their efficiency in service life, with much better vibration resistance than the other types of headlights. LED headlights use less energy which is why they are more efficient than the older, outdated headlights. They were first used in high-mounted brake lights way back in the early ‘80s. But to this day, they are not only used as headlights and DRL or daytime running lights. They are also utilized as the primary lighting source for most taillights in newer vehicles. What makes LED headlights sought-after today is that manufacturers can customize LED DRLs’ shape on the headlight.  

Xenon or HID

The HID, or high-intensity discharge headlight, is also known as Xenon headlight. It’s somewhat closer to the compact fluorescent lights we use in our homes today, but there’s no filament required for Xenon headlights to work. Xenon lights light up when two electrodes create a high voltage area between them. The free space then fills with Xenon gas. However, these bulbs take time to reach maximum brightness because they still require time to heat up. Once they hit peak luminance, they produce a bluish-light. They are used in synchronicity with other headlights for a high beam because of the time they need to warm up. They can emit light to about 250 meters. 


The most advanced lighting technology is in laser headlights. The light emitted from the laser headlight itself is not an actual laser. Instead, the laser is used as an electricity alternative to charging the protons. This is almost the same process as HID lights, but instead of electricity, a laser is used. Laser headlights are more pliant and are more formable to any shape than what LED lights can offer. The downside, however, is that it uses more energy, so it’s a big compromise for hybrid and electric cars. Laser headlights are uncommon compared to other types of headlights though many luxury cars are equipped with them.  


Matrix headlights are more commonly known in the automotive industry as “pixel lighting.” In matrix headlights, multiple independently controlled LEDs inside one headlamp make one complete headlight. A mounted camera sits behind the rear view mirror’s interior, which detects the headlight and taillight of approaching cars. Once the car’s network detects a vehicle, it automatically turns off some LED to avoid blinding other cars’ drivers. This makes it safe to use high beams even in oncoming traffic. 

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