Auto Jam: Buy The Best Car Stereo In San Diego, CA

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Car stereo systems have gradually changed over the years. Anymore, they’re chalk full of features, and you might need a hand knowing which ones suit you best. Before you start shopping for a good stereo in San Diego, learn the basics of choosing the right stereo system for your car before purchasing one.

You might need a new car stereo to provide you quality sound and different playback options than that old tape deck unit. Too, today’s built-in power and better circuit design produce a crisper, cleaner, more detailed sound. Plus, you want it to work with your phone, right?

These are among the most common features people look for:

  • Android™ and iPhone® support 
  • Satellite radio
  • MP3/WMA/AAC playback
  • Bluetooth® 
  • GPS navigation
  • CD/DVD playback
  • Support for internet radio and other app-related sources

Things To Consider In Purchasing Car Speakers

Before you install your car stereo in San Diego, do a little research about the speaker’s specs and features. You want an upgrade, right? We’ll provide you a few points for buying a car speaker:

Speaker Types

First consider the speaker type. There are two main speaker categories: full-range speakers and component speakers. Component speakers are generally priced higher than full-range speakers, and they include the best features with a more advanced system. Full-range speakers, on the other hand, are packed into a single system. These are simpler and cheaper, but both are capable of producing any sound range.  

Sound Quality

Check the sound quality of the speaker by checking its frequency range. Car stereos are built with specific frequency ranges. The frequencies range from around 20,000 Hertz at the peak to 10 Hertz at the lowest, but you don’t need the whole range to get quality sound. 


Speaker sensitivity shows how much volume you will get from a speaker with a certain amount of power. The best match for a low-powered car stereo system is high sensitivity range speakers. Note that factory-installed car audio systems are mostly low-powered. Seek speakers with lower sensitivity ratings if your stereo is equipped with a high-powered sound system. Properly power your car stereo, and it will give you excellent sound. Choosing speakers with a higher sensitivity rating is mostly a better choice for car stereos if you can afford it.

Speaker Configuration and Compatibility

It is essential to match your speakers in your vehicle. Find the matching stereo for your car. Provide the model, make, and other details about your vehicle to your after-market car speaker dealer. They can check out your car’s specifications and provide insight into the right configuration and size for your speakers. 

2-way or 3-way

2-way and 3-way speakers are familiar in the AV landscape. A 2-way speaker is usually the basic standard unit, replete with a woofers and a tweeter. A 3-way has a woofer, a tweeter, and an added mid-range component. 

Look For the Best Dealer of Car Stereo in San Diego, CA

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