4 Myths about Window Tinting that You Should Know

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Your car plays a vital role in your life.  Many people spend as much time driving than they do awake at home. This is why it is crucial to make sure that the time you spent inside your car is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. One of the things people overlook about their vehicle’s comfortability is window tinting. 

Window Tinting Offers a Lot of Benefits 

When you are driving, your primary concern should be your safety. The glare from the sun can irritate your eyes and make it difficult for you to see everything that is going on the road. If you can’t see clearly, you are exposing yourself to the risk of having an accident.  

The Common Misconception About Window Tinting 

If you’ve ever considered getting your car windows tinted, you have likely done thorough research online for FAQs and reviews about window tinting. If this is the case, you probably have read a couple of myths that left you puzzled. Before you get your window tinted, check out some of these misconceptions about window tinting.

MYTH #1:  Window tint is only for appearance.

A lot of people chose to tint their windows to improve the aesthetics of their car, but that is not its only purpose. One of the best perks of getting your windows tinted is that tint protects you and your car interior from ultraviolet rays. Additionally, tint blocks the sun’s glare, making driving safer. And, It keeps your car cooler during hot days!

MYTH #2 You can’t clean tinted windows.

This misconception could root from how harsh cleaning materials can affect the longevity of your tint or from waiting for the window tint to cure between seven and thirty days. The truth is, you can still clean them using water and a mild cleaning agent. Never use products with ammonia as it will result in discoloration and damage your window. Be gentle when cleaning it, and never use a harsh cleaner. You can use a soft microfiber cloth and spray bottle if it is not extremely dirty.

MYTH #3 Tinting your windows will make them indestructible.  

Tinting your windows won’t keep them from breaking, but it can lessen the fragments, and they do become harder to break. When accidents occur, you should know that a tinted window manages to be damaged due to extreme impact, but the shards of glass will often remain intact and attached to the film. This will decrease the chance of glass-related injuries.  

MYTH #4 Getting your windows tinted is expensive. 

Price is always a consideration, but window tint doesn’t have to burn  hole in your pocket. There are a lot of factors that go into the price of having your car windows tinted. These include the number of windows you’re planning to tint, the darkness you prefer, the quality of the film and who you hire to put it on. Remember that it isn’t an investment in your driving comfort and in your vehicle interior.  


You can get a lot of benefits from window tint. Yet, there remain some dreaded rumors that often drive people away from window tinting. Do not let these four misguided myths stop you from buying from a Window tinting shop in San Diego. Remember, investing in something that will keep you safe and comfortable is worth the money.

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